Preguntas frecuentes

Preguntas frecuentes

I understand that Recruiters Give Back is based in HK but I’m a jobseeker living abroad, can I still use the tools and resources provided?

Absolutely, while our group of volunteer recruiters, career coaches and psychologists are based in Hong Kong, you can certainly use the resources and tools provided for job seekers on our site. We are here to help you to get back to work wherever you are.

I have been made redundant but I don’t have all of the specified experience for the jobs available at the moment. Should I still apply?

Yes! If you think you have the skill and ability to carry out the job requirements posted on the job ad, you could apply for the position. If you have less years’ of experience, or if you are missing one of the skills mentioned, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to land the job. You could also choose to upskill yourself or learn new skills while you are working.

Does Recruiters Give Back guarantee that I’ll be able to find a job?

Recruiters Give Back cannot find you a new job. As much as we would want to guarantee that you’ll get hired, we only provide free resources, tools and tips that can help job seekers during their job search journey.

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